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SEO – Performance Based Keyword Optimization:
Catch Matrix Pages – Simple, Powerful, Rev Share SEO

How about getting found for 10 – 20% more keywords by zeroing in on your often overlooked long-tail opportunities?

Welcome to Performance based SEO. Catch Matrix is a program where we create SEO optimized, 100% White Hat, fast loading, beautifully designed, totally unique web pages that merchandize your products according to how people search for them.

These pages live on your own domain but are created, managed, and updated real time by us. We work with you closely on meeting all of your design and editorial requirements.

With just a one-time, 30-minute investment by your IT team, and a copy of your data feed, we do all the heavy lifting:
  • Analyze your data feed to identify long tail search terms
  • Develop synonyms or more commonly searched words to help you maximize your rankings
  • Our in-house Editorial Team writes custom content for your program, so that all of your pages have unique text, offering the best user experience along with SEO Optimization.
  • We create web pages that merchandize your keywords according to the long-tail keywords we’ve identified.
* This program works best when there’s a minimum of 10,000 products in your feed, but there is no maximum limit!

Catch Matrix Pages has a one time $5000 set up fee, and on going costs of 10% of the revenue generated by the program.

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