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SEO Consulting:
Results-Oriented SEO Collaboration

SEO uses every tool we have: technology, analytics, compelling copy writing, years of online marketing experience, to get our clients the edge over their competition.

We will give you a free SEO Audit, along with a no obligation one-hour consulting session to understand more about how we can help.

Here are a few of the areas we focus on:

Web Site Architecture � how does your site's navigation help or harm your SEO?

SEO Smart Text � Page Title, H1, Breadcrumb, URL � are all of these areas optimized for SEO?

Web Site Content � Content is king. And it has to be fresh, unique, and relevant. If necessary we write the content for you, it's that important to your SEO efforts.

Site Speed � Is your site speed slowing down your SEO Progress?

In our initial Free SEO Audit of your site, we set up a one-hour review after spending several days pouring over your site, identifying opportunities and next steps to beat your SEO competitors.

First Ten SEO Actions
You will leave that initial Audit meeting with a clear understanding of our SEO methodology, and a specific and concise list of the first ten things we would do if you hired us.

We have a 90-day initial engagement, during which we will accomplish those first ten items and more, and thereafter our engagements are month to month. We are happy if you're happy. As we work together, each week we will continue identifying SEO opportunities and knock them off one by one.

Since SEO encompasses copy writing, technology, web design and marketing, there will be steps that your team will need to complete. However, we make sure that at least 80% of the legwork and actions are things we can take off of your plate and complete ourselves.

SEO Consulting starts at $3000 / month.

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