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Catch Marketing Services Team

The Catch Marketing Team is a group of talented, personable individuals passionate about innovation and helping Catch clients succeed. Each member of the team brings a key skill to the table, allowing us to exceed customer expectations every day.

Rose Rippey
Chief Executive Officer
Rose is Cofounder and CEO of Catch Marketing Services. After graduating from Harvard she began working in data with MicroStrategy and saw the potential for using the same analytical approach with internet marketing.
Vincent Colmar
Chief Technical Officer
Vincent is Cofounder and CTO of Catch Marketing Services. Prior to starting Catch, Vincent worked with Fortune 500 companies on data mining and analytics with MicroStrategy Inc. When he isn't searching for meaningful information in mountains of data, he is usually hanging out with his kids. Vincent received his Master's in Mathematics from MIT.
Ben Gordon
VP of Sales and Marketing
An entrepreneur at heart, Ben loves bringing value to customers and connecting people with solutions to the problems they face in business. A graduate of USC's Marshall School of Business, Ben lives with his lovely wife Alyssa in Los Angeles.
Blair Mundy
VP of Product Development
Part creative and part analyst, Blair has been working with Catch since its inception. Building solutions in code and in strategy, she turns Catch ideas into working realities. Blair completed her Master's in Design at California College of the Arts and spends her days in beautiful Austin, TX.
Ruby Gibney
Content Writer/Manager
Ruby has been with Catch since its doors opened. She loves working with Catch's many clients helping to craft their message and content. Before joining the Catch team, Ruby worked in local politics as a press liaison, and before that for local TV news stations as an on-air reporter & anchor. In her spare time, Ruby loves to spend time with her two sons and husband in Northern California.
Luke Gordon
Customer Relations Manager / Videographer
Luke is a creative, genuine and all around fun-loving guy. He is the mastermind behind the Catch video content and loves connecting marketing managers to services that can make their lives easier and more productive.
Blaise Nelson
Web Developer
With a background in business and programming, Blaise is the go-to guy to tackle technical challenges faced by businesses in today's complex online environment. When he isn't coming up with creative solutions for our clients' problems, you may find him playing his guitar, biking along the Rio Grande, or camping.
Sean Leone
Account Manager
Sean lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife Chelsea, and their two children Emma and Ezra. Sean enjoys understanding data trends and coming up with custom-tailored solutions for clients. When he’s not spending time clicking on ads, Sean enjoys craft coffee and craft beer.

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